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Buddhist temple somewhere near Petaling Lane....pic
Self Portrait.pic
Secret Santa present!pic

Secret Santa present!

I got a great present from Mariela! I got heaps of cool stuff - a mix tape, some jewellery, lollies, hair clips, etc. I am really…

Buzznet Secret Santa: Presenting Present-fest 2012

It's that time of year when I return to buzznet and get onto the business of coordinating the annual orgy of christmas gifts from strangers…

Emma at the markets

we did ALL of the shopping!
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Making friends with the staff at the birdie tea house

Korea, 2011 They were cheeky little buggers too... came onto the table and started sipping out of our tea cups and stealing our rice biscuits!
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Birdie Tea House

This was from a cute little tea house in Seoul, where there were little birdies flying around inside. This one liked my friend. :)
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I wonder whether that fellow is as lonely as he looks. Seoul, 2011
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Buzznet Secret Santa 2011: The gift that just keeps giving

Hello there my sweets! How are you, why haven't I been around, omg what have you done to your hair, etc etc. You all know why…

Youngdeung, Seoul

Kinda lame its abit blurry, etc. But I kind of like it.
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Nan Dae Mun Market

Seoul, South Korea (c) Kristyn Glanville 2011
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Deoksu Palacepic

Deoksu Palace

(c) Kristyn Glanville 2011 YOU MAY: share this picture or create derivative works for non-commercial purposes provided that this image is attributed to me. YOU MAY…

My wonderful, tolerant, intelligent cousin.

Get a load of this bullshit: It all starts with a poll on facebook: After this, he IMs me on MSN. Session Start (***********@hotmail.com:Manchester united won 2 -…

Is Chivalry Dead in the 21st Century?

Is Chivalry dead in the 21st Century? Or can chivalry be compatible with feminism?   A complaint I hear from time to time from males in my acquaintance…

Smart is Awesome #3: Israel v Palestine

  Smart is Awesome Edition #3: So what is the deal with Israel and Palestine?*   The Israel/Palestine conflict is one of those conflicts which is ubiquitous in…
My normal approach is useless here.pic

Christmas in Australia

Hello all! Elrich has asked me to make a journal about what happens at Christmas in Australia. The truth is that Christmas here is pretty similar…

Smart is Awesome: #2 - Wikileaks and Julian Assange

So what's up with Wikileaks? In case you have been living under a rock lately, you have undoubtably heard of Wikileaks. In a nutshell, Wikileaks is…

Smart is Awesome: Edition 1

I found these Diesel ads to be particular interesting, but perhaps not in the way it's creators intended. I'm guessing its anti-smart/cautious rational messages is…

Fuel your own Celebrity Nightmare

Something which have been seen can not be unseen.
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Hot or Not: Look Hot This Fall!

Hello Sweethearts!! <3 It's coming into fall darlings, so its time to discuss what look you will be going to express this season. What does your…

Top ten things happening in Australia which I find to be infinitely more sinful than allowing abortions.

Instead of utilising its time, energy and influence advocating against abortion, this is what I think religious groups should be prioritising in their public appeals…
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